Calling All Coaches

Growing up in the pre-Title 9 era, I did not play team sports other than some killer kickball back in 6th grade. Yes, we had gym class and I was an active tomboy who rode horses, but was never a team sport kind of girl.

Cross Fit West ChesterI never worked with a coach of the athletic variety until I joined CrossFit West Chester 5 years ago…but THAT is a whole different story. Once I get started on that part of my life, I may never shut up.

I knew business coaches existed, but didn’t really grasp how they could benefit me. I have been in business a really long time…didn’t I already know what I was doing? After all, I hold a Ph.D from the School of Trial and Error. Yet, the pottery business is VERY different from the textile business and I had questions that needed answering.

When I had the chance to sign up with Rob Fortier, I decided to go for it… I had listened to Rob’s webinar last summer, which was aimed at exhibitors at NYNow and discussed how to follow up wth potential clients after the show. I was impressed with his knowledge and formulated specific goals and questions for him. We had several phone conversations and e-mail exchanges prior to the most current trade show. He was extremely helpful and it was money well spent. It was an additional treat to meet him in person in NY.

Thanks, Coach!

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