• Flower Holder & Flower Holder "Frog on a Log"

Project Description

Flower Holder (Item #16-1) &
Flower Holder “Frog in a Log” (Item #16-2)

KENZAN is Japanese for the spiky metal things used in flower arranging… also called flower frog (why frog? no clue).

The Flower Holder comes in a leafy branch design with a nest. Painting other patterns on it will only conflict with the beauty of the flowers but if you’d prefer them with one of the 6 patterns, just ask.

Flower Holder “Frog in a Log”… (it kind of looks like a log, right?)…with a nest. Each piece also features a little ceramic bird’s nest holding three turquoise eggs. Why nests? Because I like them.

Flower Holder (Item #16-1) – 9” x 8” x 2”
Flower Holder “Frog in a Log” (Item #16-2) – 5” x 1.5”