• Clay Born Pottery - Custom Bowl "Leaving The Nest"
  • Clay Born Pottery - Custom Bowl "Leaving The Nest"

Project Description

Leaving The Nest

This triangular bowl is a unique gift for the young adult leaving for college. It features a little bird declaring “I’M OUTTA HERE!” and contains all the advice you would give teens if they’d only listen. The advice is both humorous and serious, including:

  • “Don’t charge a pizza on your credit card”
  • “In times of stress, try and maintain your dignity”
  • “Clean and dirty laundry are 2 separate piles”
  • “Try a new sport, as long as it isn’t bungee jumping”
  • “Don’t text and drive” and
  • “When I e-mail, please hit the ‘reply’ button”

The bowls can be customized with the teen’s name as well as anything else relevant to them that you wish to add. Fill with their favorite snacks and your subliminal messages will get through!

I would be glad to add a pre-stamped thank you note with the bowl, so the recipient can express their gratitude to you for this terrific gift!

Item #TN-1
8″ x 8″ x 2.5″ Bowl $65