• Clay Born Pottery - Custom Happy Jar
  • Clay Born Pottery - Custom Happy Jar

Project Description

The Happy Jar (or Wedding Jar)

This covered jar is a cross between a scrapbook and a junk drawer, but much cooler and more fun than either one! The idea is to fill it with the little odd bits we all accumulate while out having fun with our partner…movie ticket stubs, a prescient fortune in Chinese cookie, shells from a walk on the beach, place cards from a special event… Time passes, and one day when the mood strikes, you and your partner decide to open a bottle of wine (not included) and empty the jar to see what you have. It is always a surprise, and great fun to remember the experiences that connect to the keepsakes.

Gift giving can be stressful when you want to deviate from the bridal registry and find something personal and meaningful that will be treasured for years to come. A platter or wedding jar is worth considering. I have gotten incredible feedback from people who gave or received these pieces.

The price can range from $175 and up…depending on the complexity of the imagery. The jar pictured is over the top, as it includes the Brooklyn Bridge and the Society for Ethical Culture, and anything architectural like that is going to raise the cost.

Typically, a Happy Jar will have some wrap-around foliage or Tree of Life, and the couple’s names and date. Other custom touches like favorite song lyrics, bikes, dogs, sailboats, a palm tree from a tropical honeymoon, or other meaningful icons will be painted among the leaves. I like to include the quote: “To the world you are one person, but to one person, you are the world.” Each jar comes with a printed sheet explaining it purpose.

Call me and we’ll figure it out.

Item # TWJ
10″ x 6″ (approximately) starting at $175, more depending on design