• Clay Born Pottery - Custom Plate

Project Description

“There’s A Lot On My Plate!” Plate

We all love happy occasions, but what do we do for someone who is clearly juggling a few too many life issues.?! This piece can be customized with whatever challenge (code word for “problem”) someone is dealing with.

A juggler on a tightrope tries to keep all the balls in the air…kids, spouse, balance, work, play, money, sleep, hormonal teens, aging parents, writing a thesis, job hunting, applying to grad school, …(hopefully, not all of these at once).

I like to think of this as Plate Tectonics, only with a real plate. The world shifts and all you can do is hang on. My mom always said,”People can suffer deliriously from taking themselves too seriously,” so Mom, this idea for this plate is dedicated to you.

Item # TMP
11″ x 11″ plate $70