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Take it personally

I love words as much as I love clay and have been making personalized gifts for many years. I am happy to finally introduce these pieces to a larger audience. And since it is more fun to talk to a human than to fill out a web form, please call my toll free number (1-877-CLAY-330) to discuss your preferences or to place an order.

Clay Born Pottery - Detail

Kid Stuff

These personalized plate, bowl and mug sets are hand painted with a child’s name and something they love.

Clay Born Pottery - Detail

Gifts For New Moms & Dads

This set of 3 nesting bowls is perfect for a new mom, dad, and baby. (This makes a great shower gift.)

Clay Born Pottery - Detail

Family Bowls

A great wedding gift for a couple with children from prior marriages – a symbol of their new life as one family.

Clay Born Pottery - Detail

Birthday Cake Plate

This plate is for the lucky birthday child to eat a slice of cake from, featuring what the child likes best at that age.

Clay Born Pottery - Detail

Wedding Platters

The “Tree of Life” is a powerful symbol found in cultures worldwide and represents family, community, and the bonds that a couple create as they build a new life together.

Clay Born Pottery - Detail

“There’s A Lot On My Plate!” Plate

We all love happy occasions, but what do we do for someone who is clearly juggling a few too many life issues?

Clay Born Pottery - Detail

Leaving The Nest

This triangular bowl is a unique gift for the young adult leaving for college, containing all the advice you would give if they’d only listen.

Clay Born Pottery - Detail

Bathroom Sink

A custom painted sink is a handsome addition to any powder room or bathroom.