In Defense of Clutter, or Coming to Terms with my Inner Popeye


There are so many books written about decluttering that if you bought them all, they would, ironically, create their own pile of clutter. It feels great to get rid of unwanted stuff, especially papers overflowing a desk or a file.

blog-popeye-yamDecluttering has become a religion of sorts, with its own gurus. Short of having gene therapy to change my essential nature, I remain someone who tends to hang on to stuff.

As Popeye liked to say, “I yam what I yam.”

There are treasures in those files. Looking at them again is like a trip in the Way Back Machine.

Had I not saved a note from my dear friend Trish urging me to start a textile business, I never would have thought to do that.

My files contain letters written to me by my kids when they were small. A note from Scout Camp read: “This is a hell hole. Get me out of here.” (By the time I got the letter, he was happy and would have stayed all summer.)

I have the letters and cards they sent later as they grew and traveled and matured. I have loving cards from friends and family. I have letters written from my grandmother to my mom when she was dating my dad and unable to decide if she wanted to marry him or not. Grandma said “STOP STRINGING HIM ALONG … Marry him, or let someone else have him.” Most poignant are letters from my own late, great mother in her unique voice that still haunts my dreams.

And all this brings me to note cards.

A small note card is the perfect way to make a big impact. And who knows…your note may just end up in someone’s file of treasured messages.

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