Made in America, or “The Taxidermist that Wasn’t”

Made in America, or "The Taxidermist that Wasn't"I was too busy actually making things to post this during the recent “Made in America” week. But it did get me thinking about the concept of making things…an activity I have loved since childhood…and how work gets done.

People decry the fact that so much manufacturing has left the USA as companies look for cheaper options. But take heart! Not ALL clothing is made abroad, a website called Makers Row matches small batch designers with factories across the USA who can produce their lines of clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. Who knew?!?

I don’t work with a Makers Row factory, but if my wonderful textile printer in Philadelphia ever quits, I would definitely explore that option. Until then, I am sticking with Top Banana USA.

Instead, I deal with many fine galleries, shops, and museum stores across the country. The buyers are thrilled to be able to carry American made work. In fact, at trade shows, that is the first question they ask.

That’s a lucky break for me, since I am not trained (or trainable) to do anything else – and I still love what I do.

I took an aptitude test in 8th grade. The results came back “taxidermist.” I am not making that up. My mother stormed in the guidance counselor’s to demand to know what kind of cockamamie aptitude test thought her brilliant girl should be a taxidermist. I don’t recall what the guidance counselor’s response was, but I expect he blamed it on the test, anything to get my mom to back off. She was not amused.

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