• Clay Born Pottery - Custom Birthday Cake Plate
  • Clay Born Pottery - Custom Birthday Cake Plate

Project Description

Just the right size for a slice of cake, here’s a small plate created to remember what your child loved best at any given age. I wish I had thought if this when my kids were little.Their plates might have read “David is 3 and loves Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel.” “Bren is 7 and loves cows.”

I wish I could give them a set of small plates that recalled their most favorite thing throughout the years. Grover on Sesame Street, Carlos the Cat, Lego, G.I.Joe, Michael Jackson, the Mummified Dog (long story), Lego, Skiing, Skateboards, Lego, Tattoo Art, Chess, Punk Rock, Yoga, World Travel, Architecture…

They would be fun to have later in life as every day small plates, or hang them up for an unusual and funky wall display.

Item # TC-1
6″ x 6″ Plate $30