Project Description

Napkins (#16-7)

Know When to Hold ’em, Know When to Fold ’em…

When my boys were small and I was trying to teach (coerce) them into having better table manners, I told them that napkins were invented by 2 brothers, Nap and Kin. I don’t know why, it just seemed funny to me, and it got their attention. They were MUCH older when they realized I was kidding back then and they were not pleased. On the other hand, they have good table manners, so maybe the ends justified the means.

20″ x 20″ Cotton/Poly – Machine wash cold, tumble dry medium

$15 each / 4 for $50

Image: Available in 6 Patterns

Available as Crab, Hummingbird, Heron, Dragonfly, Fish & Tree with Birds