• Clay Born Pottery - Custom Wedding Platter
  • Clay Born Pottery - Custom Wedding Platter
  • Clay Born Pottery - Large Round Hanging Platter - Hanging Wire on Back
  • Clay Born Pottery - Custom Wedding Platter Design

Project Description

Wedding Platters

I am particularly fond of the “Tree of Life” image on a wedding gift. It is a powerful symbol found in cultures worldwide and represents family, community, and the bonds that a couple create as they build a new life together. I write their names and wedding date along the trunk and include their initials on the tree, inside a heart.

Gift giving can be stressful when you want to deviate from the bridal registry and find something personal and meaningful that will be treasured for years to come. A platter or wedding jar is worth considering. I have gotten incredible feedback from people who gave or received these pieces.

A wedding platter can also be decorated with any of the 6 images I use in my work and the couple’s name and wedding date are added within the design.

I always write “custom made in honor of your marriage” when I sign these pieces… and I encourage you to add your own inscription as well.

Blue Birds Optional

Item # TW-1
18″ x 12.5″ Oval $125

Item # TW-2
16″ Round hanging platter, wire in the back $200