Please contact me either via e-mail or phone to receive a catalog and wholesale price list. I consider you my partner and I offer exclusivity in your area. The opening order is $200 but reorders have no minimum. There is a 6% packing fee (pottery only, not textiles), plus the UPS, and the first order is either pro forma or credit card. Net 30 can be established after that.

Thanks to the internet, I know it is all too easy for a customer of yours to track me down directly. Please know that I always ask how someone found me, and if they saw me at your gallery, anything they order has to go through you. Of course I can drop ship directly to them, but you get the order.

For a selection of retailers that sell Clay Born Pottery click here.

  • Clay Born Pottery - Pasta & Serving Bowls
  • Clay Born Pottery - Spoon Rests
  • Clay Born Pottery - Large Round Hanging Platter